November Contest Submission: Squid Game - The Story

Space Title: Squid Game - The Story
Space Link: Gather
Space One-Liner: Have watched the tv series, but still not enough? Play the game yourself and test your wits and luck!
What are users expected to do in the space? What is the objective?
Down on your luck? Chased by loan sharks? Users can choose ‘STORY MODE’ where they enter the world of Squid Game and go through various challenges to win the grand prize.

Think you’re an expert on the show? Take the quizzes in the Quiz Room to find out.

Is the show overrated? Or does it depict insightful social situations in Korea (and all around the world)? Go into the Discussion Room and discuss with other users.

Don’t wanna think too much and just want to hang around and make friends? Go into the Chill Room to chill and relax with others.

Space Creators: Puteri & Amirul
Creator Twitter Username:


Incredible mapmaking and art, exquisite attention to detail.
Really stretching what you can do in Gather without API and just the mapmaker!
Loved all the fan-service.

Please sir, may we have a new link to your gather space?

This invitation line has expired again. Please sir, may we have a new link to your gather space?

Please use this link. Any feedback on the space is much appreciated!

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wow, this place is awesome. Was this somehow officially supported by the makers of the movie?

I wish! Haha. This place actually started as something we did for fun and the soldier NPCs were used to decorate our own office spaces. The Creator Contest then happened which gave us an excuse to fully work on a Squid Game-themed space.

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you should show this space to the original producers! Dont you think?


This is amazing! How do you put BGM into it?

I use the tool created by Jeffrey Chen. You can find more about it here.

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ohhh I see. I’m trying to use it too, but I have a problem, where you upload mp3 file?

Heya Kevin, if you’re going to use that MP3 APP, you’re going to want to upload the sound file to your own server to host the MP3. It can be as simple as a Wordpress, Squarespace, AWS, or site . . . any server space that the MP3 is accessible by url.


Thanks, I found out another way to get server to host the MP3. I use OpenDrive, it can provide a direct link to streaming sound online.