November Contest Submission: Scavenger Hunt

Here’s my first (and maybe only) entry into the experience contest.

Space Title: Scavenger Hunt
Space Link: Gather
Space One-Liner: Gniflhor the Bard wants to tour the villages, but he can’t find the last remaining items to pack before he goes - can you help him?
What are users expected to do in the space? What is the objective?
This is a family friendly scavenger hunt with some puzzles built in. “family friendly” meaning that it is easy to complete, fun, and nothing violent or similar.
You will need to walk around the space and collect 10 items which have gone missing. However, it’s not just finding them, you might need to solve a puzzle or two to find the items!!
Can you help the bard!?

Space Creator Name(s): Nikki Rohlfing
Space Creator Twitter Profile(s): @heavymetalmaths

NB: it’s worth having sound on. Also, in order to ensure you can pick up objects, you will need to not have blocked all cookies.

P.S. if this is enjoyed and I end up doing more, I’ll rename it “The Saga of Gniflhor the Bard: Chapter 1” hahaha


This space was DOPE! Really excited with what you can do <3

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Awesome space, really well put together. Definitely looking forward to the next chapter : )

Could you DM me your email?