Gather Creator Contest: Experiences (Nov 2021)

A bit over a month ago we started testing Gather Explore , a way for Gather users to finally have a central place to share their creations. We’ve always known our users to be creative, but previously all of the creativity was visible only via screenshots or links shared privately.

It has been awesome to see the kind of different spaces users have come up with, and we want to stay on this road of supporting those users that want to become true " Gather Creators ".

One of the things we are doing is having a space creation contest. This will be a bit of an experiment for future plans, so please bear with us, and read on! :relieved:

Contest Information

Submit your entry as a new post in this forum category. Please use the following format:

Space Title:
Space Link:
Space One-Liner:
What are users expected to do in the space? What is the objective?

Space Creator Name(s):
Space Creator Twitter Profile(s):

Check out an example post here.

The judging is over! Price recipients are as follows:

1st Place
Squid Game Story

2nd - 5th Place
All Hallows Eve
Treasure Hunt
The Scavenger Hunt

6th - 10th Place
The Warrens
Squid Game Multiple Intelligences
Bellringing Arcade
Birds of Affirmation
Climate Change

Congratulations to the winners!


Hi, I’m getting trouble to access your Contest Information, everytime I click on that link, it will go to Notion login page, and when I’m logged in, I always callback to my own workspace.
Can you share the Contest Information into another form beside Notion?

We had to lock it for a day to get some of the contest rules locked down. Should be all open now!

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This is exciting! However, I’m in the middle of studying the API.

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Actually, the websockets API is not to be used for this contest as it does not have full release.

I believe some of the coolest spaces might not even need the API to achieve their purpose.


I guess the contest is all about the experience, not the advanced way of creating an experience.

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Definitely! We will have other contests down the road for technical mastery and accomplishments.

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I’m excited to join!

We have received some additional questions via DMs and email, so let me clear them here:

Usage of previous work / spaces
Only spaces started after Oct 1st. can be submitted. Please do not try to go around this rule, we will know if you do.

Can I use third party tools (e.g. those listed here) to make my space?
Yes, you can use third party tools, but Gather cannot guarantee that they will work and cannot provide support for their use.

Hi @Jommi,

What if we demoed a game for some Gather staff back in March, but we’ve since made some serious updates to that game after October 1st that included lots of new maps and tweaks to old ones? Would we be able to enter that game into the competition, since the one we demoed was super early alpha?

Separately, I know that the websocket API is off limits, but can we submit an experience that uses the REST API?

Lastly, is there a limit to the number of experiences that we can submit?


Unfortunately that space would not be eligible for prizes in this contest, however there are other ways that we are looking to reward spaces that get published as public and end up being super popular and loved by our userbase.

If you’re interested in chatting more, you can dm me on Discord GatherJoakim#0726 - otherwise, more info will be coming later.

Just answered other stuff here.
Q: Is there a limit to amount of submissions?
A: Yes, a maximum two per user / team / group.

Hi @Jommi is there any possibility to extend the deadline for the contest? My team would love to submit something, but with Thanksgiving this week it’s been tough getting our resources together when many on our team on vacation or away visiting family. It would be fantastic to have this coming weekend to work on a submission if the due date were Monday, 11/29 instead :grin:.

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Hey, we are looking to change the schedule slightly. We received multiple messages from creators concerning the deadline coinciding with the Thanksgiving holidays, as well as we have to rethink how we will do the public playtest as the explore page has been taken offline for now.

We will have more info available on Wednesday 1st Dec.
Apologies for the disruption, been loving the spaces that have been submitted!

Hey contest participants!

Last week we made a decision to temporarily take down the Explore page in response to the actions of a very small part of the Gather community, and we are not sure if or when that page will reopen.

Unfortunately, that makes the public playtest for the creator contest impractical, and as a result, we have decided to limit judging for the contest to the panel, who will decide the score and ranking of contest submissions. The winners will still be announced on Dec 10th.

This isn’t the result anyone was hoping for. Unfortunately, it will have to do. Rest assured we’re working hard on making public spaces a thing in the future again.

Alternatively, @GVguide (The founder of the community discord) has made a community-driven site for publicly listing Gather spaces. This site is not affiliated with Gather, but might help serve the same purpose as the Explore tab did.


The judging is over! Price recipients are as follows:

Congratulations to the winners!

At Gather we have been incredibly impressed by the mapmaking skills by everyone who participated in the contest. Truly an honour to see our community at work like this, and we hope to be able to support you all with more contests in the future. If your space was not mentioned in the above list, then, unfortunately, it did not make the cut for prizes.

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Congratulations to the winners. :champagne: :tada:

For the losers, be pleased with the lack of transparency in valuations without criteria and elastic “fair-to-all” deadlines. :ok_hand:

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I’ve now messaged or replied to all the winners profiles/posts with the next steps in regards to the prizes! Some of you still have not responded, so just lightly pinging here!

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Some of the links provided for the gather spaces have expired :frowning: