November Contest Submission: Epic Quest

lost a lot of sleep making this one haha.

Space Title: Epic Quest
Space Link: Gather
Space One-Liner: Can you get through all the puzzles and mazes to get to the end of the story?
What are users expected to do in the space? What is the objective?
This space is an adventure/escape room where you will need to solve a large range of puzzles which are a combination of complex mazes and embedded Genially puzzles.
It is fair to point out that this is a tough challenge, and will take you quite some time – so grab a friend or two and team up to make life easier!
And who knows – you may even find an easter egg or two along the way. Best of luck!

Space Creator Name(s): Nikki Rohlfing, with Charlie Lester and Julia Morris
Space Creator Twitter Profile(s): @heavymetalmaths

NB: it’s worth having sound on. Also, in order to ensure you can pick up objects, you will need to not have blocked all cookies.

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