November Contest Submission: Dungeon Escape (EXAMPLE)

Space Title: Dungeon Escape
Space Link: Gather
Space One-Liner: Escape the Dungeon, evade the guards and the witch!
What are users expected to do in the space? What is the objective?
Users spawn into a dungeon cell and have to evade the dungeon operators by staying out of sight and solving puzzles to advance. At the end there is a guestbook for those that finish the whole map.

Space Creators: Gather Maps Team
Creator Twitter Username:

What do you think? Awesome map right?


Started Playing it … it’s huge :slight_smile:

I really like the idea so far!


I should try this one… is it gamified?

Yeah, you could say so!

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it’s worth a try :+1: it is story based and I like the ideas & how gather was used - if u like such games go for it

This was a fun one! I loved the “same environments in different dimensions” aspect - it really felt magical.