November Contest Submission: Gathertown - Open World Exploring

-Space Title: Renfield Residences
-Space Link: Gather
-Space One-Liner: Open virtual world with the best Gather can offer. Explore solo or with friends!
-What are users expected to do in the space? What is the objective?
A mix of a social and gamified space. Not super tech-savvy with 3rd party programs and software for mapmaking, so I had the idea to build this huge, interconnected map of most of Gather’s default templates (as well as some rooms built from scratch) and tried to include as many creative uses for the embeddable object feature in it, so people could see the potential of Gather’s local assets.

Mainly for social use where people can hold events, hang or catch up with friends, or meet new people. But I also hid a lot of secret rooms and a ton of games so that people exploring solo won’t be bored. People can play games at the arcades, watch movies with friends, host events and parties, visit the library and browse through the book selections or study in peace. You can even order food in real life directly from the space itself (altho this might be mostly limited to the philippines). Users can also “rent/buy” condo units in Renfield Residences where I can build them a room that only they can access when they visit the space. Explore the space and try to find the hidden maps and hidden games too! <3

Space Creator Name(s): Jed
Space Creator Twitter Profile(s): N/A

Interesting concept, but there was a slight lack of things that would make it an “experience”. not enough to do / interact with to stand up to the other submissions.

A very habbo hotel vibe tho!

I wonder if you could start building a community around this space?

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I appreciate the feedback man! altho i did try to put a lot of “interactables” on the map, but I guess the trouble with the map design is I didn’t really put a lot of wayfinders around it (cos I meant for the objects and areas to be found during exploring a surprise, but what good are hidden interactables if they can’t be found right? :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:)

I’d love to build a community around the space too! Certainly, some design improvements can be made in a lot of places, but the map is certainly big enough for it, i think. The areas inside it include:

Main Map:
Renfield Residences
Lobby, Pool Area, Zen Garden, Greenhouse garden, Gaming Lounge, Residential Areas, Study Hall, Rooftop, Function Hall

Day maps:
Manhattan Lite park (day)
Rascal Rally retro diner
Ludo’s Game Cafe
G-spot Open Mic Cafe and Resto
Metropolis Bay (Gather Games city template)
City Waterfront
Sailor’s Knot Nautical Bar
Folsom Hills Community Park and playground

Night Maps:
Manhattan Lite park (night)
Southies’ Banchetto Night Market
GoodEats Retro Diner
Blue Pill Dive Bar
Club Cadenza Speakeasy Jazz bar (hidden)
Botanical Gardens
Hearthstone Tavern
Dreamscape Library
MTG’s Adventures in the Forgotten Realms (hidden portal)

plus some hidden areas here and there :sweat_smile:

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Yeah, I took a look at the map files too and saw the size was immense!

I really think this wasn’t really a case of map design or quality being in question, but just that maybe the submission did not really fit the experience/adventure style that we were looking for in this contest!

I’ll say again, the space was really cool, and would really work as a bigger virtual world for a community. Let me know if you decide to do that, and we could support you with a long free trial so you don’t need to worry about the expenses.

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oh wow that’s so generous! :open_mouth: :flushed: :pleading_face:

I’d be thrilled! :star_struck: I’d be super down, and would gladly accept any help and guidance I can get. I’m still fairly new to the platform and the community, so like, I did build this space with socialization in mind, but, costing aside, I was worried about the prospect of moderating such a big map on my own in case some unruly guests might enter.

I’d be honored to share this with the community. Thanks Jommi <3