The First Gather Mapmakers Event

First Mapmakers Event Recap

Hello Mapmakers!

Thanks to everyone who attended the event! We had a great turnout, especially taking into account all the rescheduling. Also a huge thanks to everyone who filled in the feedback form, all the positive comments really put a smile on our face :slight_smile:

We promised to follow up and send a recap of the event to those that missed it, and also link to some additional resources that were mentioned in the event. So here goes:

Event Recap

  • Check a recording of the event. (We used Vimeo Recorder + an extra user logged in Gather to record it). Let us know if you can’t see it!
  • As we received a lot of different questions regarding space design, we decided to focus on opening up how the Gather maps team itself builds spaces.
  • We still want to go through the written questions you all sent earlier, so hold tight, please!
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