All day Sunday 11/21: Make Your Home Office Space (Or Dream Office)

Link to the event with guidelines and details
Link to the event in the Discord server

If you’ve been wanting to learn how to make Gather maps, but haven’t gotten over the hurdle of learning tools like Tiled map editor, come join us for a beginner-friendly map jam day.

We’ll hang out in Gather’s community Discord server and use voice/screenshare, so we can continually chat together while we each make our own virtual spaces that express where we use our computers at home (or what we wish our home office space looked like.)

Plus, Gather will be providing participants a $25 international Hoppier voucher for local food delivery, valid during the Sunday event. (Thanks Gather!)

When you’re done with your map, show it off here in this thread or on the page. Have fun!

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Updated link to the Discord event, because the original expired early for some reason: