Mapmaking Resources and other Communities

Mapmaking Resources

We received multiple questions, both before and during the event, asking about resources and tools that would help users in their mapmaking efforts. So we have compiled few links we think should be useful to any mapmaker:

  • (Official) Gather Official Mapmaking Assets: These are the actual real files behind the maps, templates, assets, and tilesets used to make Gather. Feel free to use them as you wish! A must-visit link for any mapmaker.
  • (Official) Custom Map Creation Overview: Our official help documentation around starting to make custom maps
  • (Unofficial) Tiled: The tile-based map editor we suggest to our power users. Useful if you want to elevate your mapmaking to a new level.
  • (Unofficial) The community wiki project. A ton of unofficial resources for mapmaking & more:
    • Tools Section: Put MP3 files in sound emitters, embed compatibility checker, and more!
    • Guides Section: Tips and tricks on how to utilize the Gather mapmaker.
    • Embed Tools & Embed Games: A growing list of tools and games that work well when embedded in a Gather object. Anyone can add to the list!

Gather Communities

In the original survey that was sent out, over 85% of respondents mentioned that they were not part of any Gather user community. User communities are some of the best places to get help, find resources and connect with other Gather enthusiasts:

  • Sign up for the official Gather Mapmaking Forum (beta). We will be soon activating the forum, and testing out ways our maps team can commit a few hours a week to help and answer questions.
  • Join the unofficial Gather Enthusiasts -discord server. A real-time chat room with other Gather enthusiasts from around the world. Make sure to introduce yourself after joining!

There are a bunch of other awesome user-led communities listed via our community listing project. Please check that out as well!