API Enthusiasts Roundtable

To all API Beginners, people who are interested in it and those who are experts on that topic…

Here is a invite to the very first community based API Enthusiasts Roundtable.

Looking forward to see you guys there!


Coming Thursday we have the next API Enthusiasts Event. Everyone is invited to join.

The last API Enthusiasts Event was very great. We had a lot of share ideas and knowledge in this format.

The next events are now sheduled. You are all invited to join, Im looking forward to see you guys there. The events are not just for API Experts, but also for newbies and greenhorns!

Visit this landingpage to add the events in your calender.

For those who wonder what this is all about:
This event is not an official Gather.Town event. Gathletics is a group of community oriented freelance Gather.Town Ambassadors.
We meet every fortnight on Thursdays as scheduled. Everyone is welcome to attend. Openness, active participation and willingness to talk is desired.
After a short welcome, we agree together on the first topic of the first session. Depending on the number of participants, there are then up to 4 topics to discuss within the first 25 minutes. Participants are allowed to change from topic to topic by moving from room to room. During the session, each topic is documented by the participants on the embedded Miro Board, so that you can also look back and see what it was about.
After the time is up, all participants will meet in plenary for a short exchange and to agree on the topics for the second session. The procedure is the same as before.
At the end, there will be a joint final reflection on the sessions, followed by a relaxed get-together.
Please send your wishes and suggestions by email to Kilian@Gathletics.de
Support Gathletics if you enjoyed this event and would like to see more in the future. https://ko-fi.com/gathletics/?hidefeed=true&widget=true&embed=true&preview=true