Introduce yourself!

Welcome to the Gather Creators community, a home for Gather’s most creative and technical users to join heads and share their work and knowledge. Gather is a platform that will only grow together with a community of creators, and we’re excited to start it here with you.

This community is hosted on Discourseーa discussion platform where you can participate in ongoing conversations, [at] mention people, and post your content. Members of the Gather team will be jumping in the conversation a fair amount at the beginning. You can count on us to moderate discussions and facilitate connections.

We’re really excited to grow this community with you. Please don’t hold back on your thoughts— tell us what you like and what could be better. We need your feedback in order to create the right environment for this community to blossom.

Introduce Yourself:

  • Introduce yourself below. Where are you from and how did you find out about Gather?
  • What would you like to see from this forum?
  • Share something: What’s a recent cool thing you saw on Gather?

Hi, my name is Kelvinsius Julio, you can call me Julio. I found about Gather in 2021 when looking for another reference on doing Virtual Meeting.
From this forum, I want to get some insight and conversation to other Gather Creator.
I hope this community can be bigger and bigger more in the future. Good luck Gather team!

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Hey everyone! So excited to be here and thank you so much @Jommi for setting this up!

We are Floxies, an international community for women in UX/UI design and Webflow development.
I’m the founder - Claudia - and I found out about Gather during the 2020 Webflow global conference.

I never looked back since. I started my community in May 2021 and organised weekly events on Gather every Wednesday since then. Every. Week.

I also currently work as a primary school teacher so it’s hard to juggle everything at times but it’s a one hell of a ride which I’m enjoying a LOT and I do hope to keep on growing into the digital world and to make of Gather our final home.

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Hello Everyone!

I’m kenny a web3 business owner in the Gather Metaverse, Nostalgea.

Looking to collaborate and research on persistent metaverse spaces. Also interested in collecting and analyzing user data to create better meta UIs.


Hi! I’m Pier-Évan! I discovered Gather in a job I had. We’ve been remotee orking on in, but I’d like to use Gather for more!

I hope I see best practices on this forum

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Hello, i am Pierre from Belgium. I working on a serious game project inside GatherTown

Greetings GatherTown warriors! :slight_smile:

Am here in Jacksonville Florida and we run a digital services agency that is rapidly expanding into the web3 space. Came here to learn more about how to really optimize GatherTown for our clients. And to see if we can find 5 to 7 GatherTown experts to help staff a GatherTown event at the Web3 Conference coming up on Jan 25th-27th. We will give free tickets to the members who help us to the event. They would be remote GatherTown staff to answer questions, direct people and run the platform. What would be the best way to connect with anyone here?