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Hey everyone!

My name is Joakim, and I work at Gather in the growth team, specifically looking at new ways Gather could be used outside of Remote Work and Conferences.

That could mean anything from stuff like gaming, interactive experiences, exhibitions, community spaces and more. We’re already seeing stuff like Escape Rooms, NFT Art Exhibitions, Coworking spaces and the like popup.

I am also probably going to be one of the most active team members in this forum. I might not always be able to help, but will be pinging relevant people to help in different threads etc.


Hey everyone! I’m Nate, one of the Gather founders, and I lead the backend team, which maintains this API among many other things. We’re super excited about expanding Gather as a Platform in addition to a product, and making it possible to do basically anything as a 3rd party dev.


Hi there! I’m Evelyn, an engineer on the Engine team, and the developer of extensions at Gather. I’m excited to be around here more, as this has been a labor of love for my entire time with the organization. You’ve all already made such amazing things and I’m excited to help enable you to make more things! Please don’t hesitate to post or reach out if you have questions :slight_smile:


Hi there, I’m Patrick, a Gather fan for over a year now - some may know me from Discord. Since April you may have regonized, how me and my brother are into the HTTP API. We helped friends and institutions in using that for their advantage in having great Gather events. I’m very looking forward to learn the new Websocket API with Grapes as well (in my very little free time) :slight_smile:


Hi, I’m Jeffrey. I’m a developer currenlty building an online Gather item shop helping Gather creators to build more interactive spaces by providing an NPC bot to their space. There are so many possibilities in Gather and glad that there’s a forum here to let developers discuss and help each other.


Hi Im Kilian, brother of @Patrick. He has sayd a lot also about my intentions to be here. So I only leave a few words about me.
Im a Human Resources Developer , working on Projects which use among other tools, Gather.Town. Im also deep into virtual reality and learning in VR.
Gathletics is our freelancing brand for events, courses and Gather.Town solutions that make the usage of Gather.Town more advantage and sometimes easier.

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