Is supposed to set a user's role?

I’ve tried to post a json file like the data below and verified that it has been successful by calling getEmailGuestList.

But the role does not seem to have any effect - namely:

  • they don’t appear in the correct group (members/guest) in participants list
  • someone with admin can’t edit the map
  • members don’t appear under setting->user roles

i.e. regardless of the role defined in the json file they always seem to be treated as a guest.

Is this expected behaviour?, or am I doing something wrong, like the role names are not correct?

example json file:
{”: {
“role”: “member”,
“name”: “Member User”,
“affiliation”: “Org two”
},”: {
“name”: “Guest User”,
“affiliation”: “Org two”,
“role”: “admin”
},”: {
“name”: “Guest User”,
“role”: “guest”,
“affiliation”: “Org one”



typing nonsense to reach 20 characters.

@mel It seems like the roles that are documented are only working in event spaces, not for remote working spaces. I wish somebody from could officially clear things up on this.

Ah, sorry I missed this! The roles here are an old thing that’s no longer used, I’m pretty sure. There isn’t a way to programmatically set user roles yet, sorry! (but we know this is a high value thing, don’t worry)

Any updates on this @npfoss ?

nope, sorry – we’ve been pretty focused on core reliability stuff for a while, gotta resolve that first