How can I management my members?

Hello everyone,

I want to provide paid users of my web service an access to my Space in Gather. How can I add and remove/block members through API? I want to add a new member for a Space when the user payed access to my website and I want to block or remove him if I don’t have the payment. I will unblock him when he does that.

How can I management my members?


The getEmailGuestlist and setEmailGuestlist HTTP API’s should allow you to do that, to whitelist a set of emails with access to the space.


Are there any API endpoints for?

  • removing a guest from the guest list
  • adding a guest from the guest list
  • checking if guest exists in the guest list


afaik the guestlist api doesnt work for remote work spaces (which Id recommend to use for better features)

However there is a way using the http api. Ive builded a Workflow on the no-code platform that handles that all. If you are interested, I can coach you on it @gdhub, shoot me a dm or schedule a session with me here:
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