Getting a 403 Forbidden error when calling getEmailGuestlist API

Hello, this is my first time working with the Gather APIs, and I’m trying to use the getEmailGuestlist API for my spaces. I’m testing the API with PostMan, and I keep getting a 403 forbidden error no matter what I try. I’ve tried putting the API key in the body and the header, but neither gets a successful response. Can someone take a look at my screenshots below to see if I have something configured wrong, or if I’m missing something? Thanks in advance for any guidance provided.

Assuming you have permissions for that space, you’ll be able to hit the API endpoint given the proper parameters.
You can import this into Postman and insert your key

curl --request GET \
  --url '' 

Thank you! That worked and I also fixed my own GET request based on the differences between yours and mine.

  1. Didn’t need to explicitly call out the content type in the header
  2. used a single '' instead of ‘\’ in the spaceId
  3. fixed the name of the api key from “api_key” to “apiKey”
  4. Put the api key in a query parameter instead of in the header (did this originally, but was getting a false negative)