Occurred CORS issue


I was trying to get guest list using /api/getEmailGuestlist/~~, but am running into problem CORS. I tested in local env. but It doesn’t worked. how to get guest list without CORS. I also set “Access-Control-Allow-Origin”: “*” in headers.

and It’s my codes


With axios, let it handle setting the parameters for the URL call.

for example:

axios.get(“https://gather.town/api/getEmailGuestlist”, {
params: {
apiKey: API_KEY,
spaceId: SPACE_ID

Hopefully that helps!

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Thank you for answers.

I fixed codes that you are suggested.
But It can’t solved also.

So, Could you suggest to me other answers?

Are you getting the same error with the code I provided?

You may need to make sure the login linked to the API key you are using has all the permissions in the space you are trying to access. Owner does not inherit the permissions of Moderator and Builder.