Creating additional categories that appear in the participants list

In the participants list on the left-hand menu there are categories like ‘members’, ‘guests’, ‘offline-members’. I think I’ve seen in the gather office additional categories. I wondered if it was possible to create categories that become visible in the participants list and associate users with them. These might be, for instance teams, so that it was easy to see who was in a given team.

Is there anyway to do this?

I believe the Gather Office uses Areas to define what “teams” people are in (more like where they are, but the two could be similar).

Areas are not live, as I understand it, in any functional way outside of API monitoring.

Yes, I had wondered about that and tried to set the current area (setCurrentArea) and current desk (setCurrentDesk), but neither seemed to do anything.

Both of those are basically unsupported at this time, and are very tricky to use. Especially as they only work in Remote Work spaces, and not events.

I’ve asked our Remote Work team to clarify how this API works, I’ll let you know what I find out