Video Start on sync time Timestamp


Im developing a learning room that sets multiple timers as soon as the user triggers an Post API. The Timers are Youtube Videos that show timers. I want them to play automaticly when the trigger happens. Therefore I was thinking about editing the timestamp of each embedd video object.

Here is the part of the code that I want to edit:
“startTime”: {
“_nanoseconds”: 0,
“_seconds”: 1644235200,
“_timezone”: “Europe/Berlin”

And here are my questions:

  1. Can “_timezone” be GMT ? If yes, how?
  2. How can I change “_seconds”
    I try to set that as variable and add the timestamp of the trigger. But it seems like “_seconds” doesnt get overwritten on trigger. Do I have to edit something else aswell, so that the object parameters get overwritten aswell?
    When I change the timestamp via API, the Video is shown at the time that I want it to show, but only for a second, then it shows, “there is no video playing right now”.
    So I guess, simply changing the timestamp, isnt all. There has to be more. I hope nothing in the background, like on your server or so, that I cant reach this way.

Thanks in advance, for your time :wink:

Problem solved.

I found out, that I had sended the Post API to the wrong space :-), thats why I havent seen any change in the code even when the Command responded done :slight_smile:

This is how the space, where Ive sended houndreds of commands (without knowing) looks like now

Luckily it is a Testspace