Still thinking about Time :-)

Hi again,

a few months ago, the timed-objects extension has been introduced. I wasnt able to run those objects. It only shows a clock asset permanent. Is this extension currently deactivated? Or is there a special workaround to get them running?

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Sorry for the delay in my response here.

We transitioned to a new way of hosting extensions, and in the process, TimedObjects didn’t make the transfer. Very few people used it, so we didn’t notice. Could you explain a bit more about your use case? I think part of the problem was the interface for them was pretty clunky, and I’m hoping I can make a version that is easier for you to work with.



Hi Evelyn,

no worries, about delayed responses on this topic about time :-D.

I allready expected that, maybe you should consider to disable not working extensions then.

My usecase was a digital clock made out of 24 objects. Every hour another object gets active with another time. I had some more ideas for animation things, but this would require at least a change every minute or even second…

This is what Ive made so far, using Setmap commands in a scheduled scenario. I use Integromat (similiar to Zapier…). All of them would also work using node.js