V42.0.0 released

Quick followup to the big one, v41.0.0. This transitions interactions and triggerItem (experimental and hopefully unused) over to the new key based paradigm.

breaking changes

  • game.interact() now takes arguments mapId: string, key: string, in that order (previously was objId, mapId). This is the object key, no longer the object id.
  • event playerInteracts has been replaced with playerInteractsWithObject, which uses key instead of objId, and mapId is required, but is otherwise the same.

other changes

  • new helper game.getObjectByKey(mapId: string, key: string) (to be the key equivalent of game.getObject (by id))

Glad to see the changes.

I feel I speak for the other TS coders when I say thank you for removing the optional nature of mapId in the PlayerInteractsWithObject (previously PlayerInteracts). My guard clauses and undefined fallbacks can finally be deleted (after some testing, of course).

I look forward to using the more streamlined key->object accessor pattern. I’ll be updating GT-Helper this weekend with all the changes, for those devs worried these changes will impact their pre-v41 code.


I noticed that the old event playerInteracts still works on older clients.
Do you have any predictions as to when such event might cease to be sent in favor of playerInteractsWithObject ?

I’m tracking a metric which shows how many people still depend on it, and once that gets down to a low level I’ll merge the PR to remove it entirely

The way we do upgrades is we support both the new and old actions/events on the server-side, then publish new clients which only use the new stuff, wait a week or so for people to update gradually (api users and browser clients alike), and then remove support server-side.


Are all new version already live and changes in action?

Yep, and I’m hoping to delete the old version soon, so please do make the switch!