V43.0.1 released

breaking changes

  • removed deprecated game.setMapSprites and the mapSetSprites event

other changes

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Awesome! Thanks for the release-notes.

Hi there!

I may be a little late in bringing this up, since the version was released 2 months ago but It was just brought to my attention that there seems to be an important discrepancy between what’s available in the frontend client and in the @gathertown/gather-game-client package.

Specifically, in the frontend client, the definition of the game.filterObjectsInMap function is handling returning the keys as part of the objects returned, as can be seen below:

The @gathertown/gather-game-client package, on the other hand, doesn’t handle returning this (now very useful) information:

I was wondering about the reason for this difference, and if we can expect to get a unified implementation for this in the package as well, without having to resort to implementing our own filterObjectsInMapWithKeys utility function.

Thanks for your attention and awesome work!

ah yeah that was a minor change we’ve made since the last release. it’ll be available in the next release (ETA unknown). Here’s the updated source in the meantime for your util, in case that’s useful:

return Object.entries(map.objects)
      .map(([k, o]) => ({ ...o, key: k }))
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