Gather-game-client v38.0.1 released

breaking changes

  • loosened the TS type on game.engine, so now TS thinks it can be undefined. It hasn’t actually gotten undefined in more cases, we just removed a spooky cast. Recommend switching to game.sendAction instead if you’ve been accessing it directly (which eliminated the second argument, btw). Also, you shouldn’t need to use game.engine directly, fwiw
  • spaces (private spaces) deprecated in favor of nooks (new)
  • desks (experimental) deprecated in favor of nooks
  • renamed map type from GameMapV2 to GameMap
  • changed client-side type of map.collisions from boolean[][] to { [y: number]: { [x: number]: true } } – for memory efficiency
  • possibly more, it’s been a while

other changes

  • lots but nothing super significant for API users I think
  • official npm version is now 8
  • official node version is now 16
  • uses instead of