Disabling video for bot


If I have a bot, created via the API, then when a user comes close/‘connects’ to it, the video will just show as ‘initializing…’ can I disable the video so at least it’s blank?

I know there is a ‘disableVideo’ event. If I publish this event will that disable the bot’s video? If so can you give me an example of what a call to game.publishEvent looks like.


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Unfortunately, I don’t believe we currently support disabling the video. While disableVideo is an event, it is soon to be deprecated and no longer used in the codebase. A much more roundabout approach might be to try and simulate the webcam through Chrome, something like this: Simulate webcam on chrome · GitHub, but I haven’t tried this myself.

Thanks Eli, I did wonder if I was going to have to do something like this.

Building a ‘talking bot’ would presumably involve also going down this route, i.e. using headless chrome

I would need the “disableVideo” (and audio) too :wink:

and now via API it is possible :+1:thx :pray: