Sticky note and interactive object can be deleted by Anyone ?!?

Hi, there is a new feature, that allows anyone who interacts with an object with a sticky note to delete it. This has to be once of the most absurd features ever because why would someone need to delete not only a sticky note that was added by another user but also deletes the object with it with no chance of ctrl+z. Can someone please help us with this issue?

As far as I can tell, you have to have Moderator or Builder access to successfully delete the note. Otherwise, it just closes the note.

Are you seeing instances where non-mods or non-builders are deleting these things? Without using the build menu, that is.

UPDATE: I posted about this on the slack, and it looks like they reverted it. Seems like it was part of some new desk thing.

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Thank you for checking-in with them. Its been reverted!
It was working that way for all users, non builders and builders all the same which was the weird thing.

sorry about that! it was part of an experimental feature for leaving notes on people’s desks