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Hi guys, i do have a question. i’m testing gather with some colleagues and i’m wondering if there is a way to disable the build menu for member users (remote office space). Right now everyone can see the object picker menu and everyone is able to add objects to the space which is a nightmare.

I’ve been reading the documentation and according to that the global builder option should be enabled for this situation but it is not.

Thanks in advance.

You will want to go in and disable Global Build, and then check User Roles for each member.

Settings (Gear Icon, left bar) → Space Customization → Toggle Global Build

You will also need to set the User Roles such that members do not have the Builder tag, as this overrides the Global Build toggle. The Admin tag will still allow them to act as moderators, without the ability to add objects or modify tiles.

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Thanks for the reply, Global build is disabled but still, regular users can see the build menu and use the object picker option.

You will also need to set the User Roles such that members do not have the Builder tag
Where do I config this?

To change user roles, go to Settings → User Roles → Three Dots by the users name in that list. There should be two check boxes, one for Admin, and one for Builder. However, there seems to be a disconnect.

So after further testing, @pedropo, I would say this is not working as I would feel the menus and user roles would suggest.

I created a new remote office, added myself and another account as members, and noticed the following: (This is all done with ‘Global Build’ toggled off)

  • Members (without any roles other than GENERAL_MEMBER) were able to access the build popout menu and place objects.
  • The same members were not able to access MapMaker, and were given a permissions error when attempting to access it.
  • Members given the Admin role, but not the Builder role, were able to access MapMaker as well as the build popout menu. (This is a change from previous, when roles did not inherit properties of other roles)

Given how roles previously worked, this is a fairly large departure from the expected. Ill also add this to the discord and see if we can get a response. I feel that having a Member/Non-Builder role is pretty critical, especially if an office is custom designed or rented for an extended time.

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yes, that is the behavior i faced on our space too. But reading the documentation this is not what i was expecting.


For clarity on this matter, you can refer to the help docs:

There is no way currently to remove members from having building permissions.

I think the idea is here that if someone is a member of your office space, then you should be able to trust them with adding or removing things in your office - just like real life.

If they add or remove things they should not, as a colleagues you should be able to give them advice/guidance on how to use the tool - just like in real life.

Did I understand this correctly?