V2 setMap call field questions

Like the look of the new v2 setMap call, but there are a few bits I wanted to check on.

  1. There doesn’t seem to be an impassables field - is this just missing from documentation or do impassables need to be set through v1?
  2. Same with objects field?
  3. Are there only the two options for the reason field to set remote working or event?
  4. What does the decoration field do?
  5. It looks like v2 might merge changes rather than overwrite - is this the case?



Hi James, thanks for your questions. A quick heads up, I goofed and forgot to add that this is currently not in production, so this shouldn’t work at the moment (but should hopefully be pushed soon). My documentation is also lacking, so I will make sure to update it to be more thorough!

Addressing your questions:

  1. Collisions can still be set, will be adding this with description in the docs.
  2. Objects can also still be set, will also be adding this to the docs.
  3. Reason is a property of the space and can have the following different options, but will ultimately be split into the two categories of remote work and event:
    • Coworkers / remote team
    • Team Event
    • Friends and family
    • Conference attendees
    • Educators and students
    • Just trying Gather out
    • Other
  4. Decoration really doesn’t do anything at the moment but is kept more for backwards compatibility as some other partners have used this field prior
  5. This new version should have the same behavior as the v1 in terms of overwriting vs merging, i.e. if you provide a field it will overwrite it, but any fields not provided will be left untouched.

Thank you for your great questions and please keep them coming! I will work on making the documentation more clear now!

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