User Permission Restrictions

We are trying to convince our company to use gather, but there are glaring concerns about user permissions. A regular user (without admin or build permissions) can’t delete other objects on the map, but they can build on top of other’s desk. This effectively blocks the other user from seeing their stuff and the other user can’t remove it. It would be nice to make it so regular users can only build in their personal desk space. It would also be nice to limit what objects they can access to build with.
To Segway from restricting what object regular users can use to build on the map, we are concerned about restriction and accountability. Here is an example: The manager log in and sees that a TV has been added into the middle of the office. They go check out the vide embedded and find it is a very inappropriate video. The manager can remove it, but there is no way of knowing who added it and no way to restrict users from doing that.
I get that companies should have employees they can trust, but since there is no paper trail of who did what, it would allow an employee to be rude and not get caught. So, it would be nice to restrict their access and build permissions.

In fact there is a way to redo buildings of users who are not whitelisted. It requires some management with the API.

My company offers a Build management system as part of our Remote Work space management package.

It includes a “Track Changes” style function, where newly placed objects get logged. We can also set it up so an admin has to approve the changes before the objects remain placed in the space.

Neither of these things are native to Gather, and it has been an uphill battle to even get them to comment on the permissions thing (which has been brought up many, many times). Hence developing our own solutions!

That’s awesome! Do you have a place I can go to review this package?

We mostly do B2B style contracts, so no two packages are really the same. If you would like to send me an email at, or at our general interest email, we can offer a demo, or some general options for your company.

You can find out more through our Gather Ambassador page: Uncork-it, Inc