GUI problem - Floor and Tile button missing

anyone know why i cannot access the floor and tile maker when i am an administrator?

Is the space using a background image instead of floor and wall tiles?

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nope, no background image. When i create a new space, this apparently is the same as well when i opened other spaces as well.

Anyone know if this is a problem on my account being 2 administrator for my own and another of my friend’s space or is this something that recently is bugged?

I have the same problem.

Yeah, looks like something might have disabled Floor/Tile editing. I would suggest reporting an issue through the Gather button in the lower left (when you are in the space, not Mapmaker). I’ll see if there are any other mentions of this in other channels.

Update: Floors/Walls are currently disabled in Mapmaker for a bug fix.

any idea like roughly when will be ready?
by the way, how you know its in a bug fix? i hope to respond or find my answers in the right channel.

My company is a Gather Ambassador, so I have a few extra lines of contact with Gather. No ETA, but if a feature like that is offline for >3 days, I will be surprised. Mondays usually herald code push, so the beginning of the week is also a bug-fixing window.

Hey, sorry for the delay here – we turned off the walls and floors feature for the time being since lots of people were accidentally deleting their backgrounds with it. We plan to add something like this back in the future, but not until we have time to do it more safely