Add a note to an Extension Object

Based on the forest template, I have made a project that inserts a generated image into a map, which shows up as an Extension Object in the Map Maker. I’d like to add a note to it though.

The trees in the forest are type 5, though, and in the Map Maker, it looks like objects (like e.g. the atomic reactor) that have notes on them have type 6.

Is there a way to add notes on the type 5 object created through the API?

I’ve seen the InteractionEnum in the protobuf sources and I wonder whether this is the same type. What difference does the InteractionEnum make?

message InteractionEnum {                                                       
  enum ENUM {                                                                   
    NONE = 0;                                                                   
    EMBEDDED_WEBSITE = 1;                                                       
    POSTER = 2;                                                                 
    VIDEO = 3;                                                                  
    EXTERNAL_CALL = 4;                                                          
    EXTENSION = 5;                                                              
    NOTE = 6;                                                                   
    MODAL_EXTENSION = 7;                                                        
    COMPONENT_MODAL = 8;                                                        
    SIDE_PANEL_TRIGGER = 9;                                                     

It seems like I can just set the type: 6 and it shows the note that I add as properties: {message: "My note"}}.

But what about the other types, how are they used? I’m mostly curious about EXTERNAL_CALL and MODAL_EXTENSION.

Yeah sorry – NOTEs are jut a separate type, so there’s not currently a way to get an interact event from an object that shows a note

EXTERNAL_CALL was a very niche type from long ago that let you link to a zoom call, and isn’t really used any more
MODAL_EXTENSION is how password doors work – you can pop up a modal on interact to get user input. It’s not well documented but if you just check out the object data from a password door you should be able to play around with stuff and figure out what’s going on