Object Type 7 Modal - Examples/Details


I know that Evelyn (@opalrose) posted some details on type 7 modals here (What field types are supported by the 'password door' popup dialog), but I just started trying to use them and I haven’t had luck doing too much. I’m able to basically get the window to appear like a fancy pop-up note, but haven’t been able to take advantage of any user input. Has anyone had success in doing that? @Bill_Uncork-It, I know you’ve been doing a lot with chat and I’m hoping you might have some type 7 insights to share as well. :slight_smile: I imagine there is a way to parse the user input, so I can actually use it in other functions within my code, but I have no clue how to get that to work. Any examples or more details on use cases would be much appreciated!


Yeah, I’ve beaten my head against these things for a while now. Currently just waiting on full functionality of all the input types.

How have you constructing the object? If it works as a note object, does that mean you do not have a text entry field?

The Type 7s should output any data the user has input into a text field in a playerInteracts event. That should get you going.

Ah, that makes sense! I didn’t realize it was posting the input data back into a dataJson event within the playerInteracts data. That’s fantastic, now I can create a bunch of new actions based on player input. Thanks for the insight and help @Bill_Uncork-It!

Yeah, Type 7 has the potential to be the next best thing for general user and moderator actions.

If they get checkboxes and radio groups working. Text is fine, but the learning curve for text interactions is super steep compared to “Here are 3 options, choose one” etc.