Invalid Subscription playerUpdatesSession

@opalrose @npfoss Sorry for the ping, but this appears to break anything I am currently using v36 for, which includes a number of features I am currently trying to develop for clients. This change appears to have happened some time last night.

As of this morning, I am getting this error whenever I attempt to connect to a space using v36:

[warn from gs] event mapSetSpawn will soon be deprecated
[warn from gs] event mapSetAssets will soon be deprecated
[error from gs] 404: Invalid subscriptions playerUpdatesSession
          triggerUncaughtException(err, true /* fromPromise */);
[UnhandledPromiseRejection: This error originated either by throwing inside of an async function without a catch block, or by rejecting a promise which was not handled with .catch(). The promise rejected with the reason "Transaction failed due to error. Invalid subscriptions playerUpdatesSession".] {

It appears to me that the connection is being rejected because playerUpdatesSession is no longer valid. This feels like a breaking change.

gah sorry I know the fix, didn’t think it was so pernicious as this. 36.0.1 coming shortly

fixed in 36.0.2 (and prevented all bugs of this class in the future), sorry about that!

Awesome, thanks a ton!

Hi @opalrose @npfoss,

Sorry for added pings on this!

I updated to 36.0.2, but I’m getting a new error now.

Your insights and fixes are much appreciated!!


node_modules/@gathertown/gather-game-client/dist/src/Game.d.ts:2:73 - error TS2724: '"@gathertown/gather-game-common/dist/src/public/events"' has no exported member named 'SpeakerUpdatesSession'. Did you mean 'PlayerUpdatesSession'?

2 import { SpaceUserInfo, Space, SpawnPoint, Portal, Announcer, WireArea, SpeakerUpdatesSession, ChatMessageUpdated } from "@gathertown/gather-game-common/dist/src/public/events";

    2211 export declare const PlayerUpdatesSession: {
    'PlayerUpdatesSession' is declared here.

Found 1 error.

gah sorry it’s because I didn’t think I needed to publish a new gather-game-common as well, but I was wrong. 36.0.3 should work! (I just tested it myself, but I had also tested 36.0.2 so I’m not sure why it failed for you but not me…)

if it still doesn’t work, rm -r node_modules and reinstall and see if that helps

Amazing! All working again! Thanks @npfoss! :smiley: