Version 39.0.0 released

breaking changes

  • the first arg of the Game constructor, spaceId, is now required, as it always should have been
  • object keys are no longer guaranteed to be in draw order – in this version, zIndex is used instead
    • zIndex is guaranteed on MapObjects, but not allowed yet on new ones – the server will still just add new objects to the top
  • walls and floors no longer sent to the client (was unused anyways – only the mapmaker used this)
  • possibly more, it’s been a while

other changes

  • Players now have id (very convenient)
  • minor tweaks to websocket close codes and automatic reconnection handling
  • otherwise not much I think? mostly just gameserver reliability improvements
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Awesome, thanks for the update.

Actually, a pretty big change that was skipped was the Player object now owning its id as a readonly value. Big for functions like getMyPlayer, as well as instances where you are accessing Player objects outside of events (ie without context.playerId).

oh true, thanks, I’ll add that

Something else I stumbled across: game.connected is no longer a property of the Game type. This makes error handling (especially for long-running scripts that have to deal with 1006 style errors) a little trickier. Is game.engine._connected the recommended way to check this now?

oh hm
game.engine._connected will work but the recommended way is to game.subscribeToConnection where you can get callbacks when it changes
(engine._connected is very slightly different, and won’t become true until you’ve authenticated with the server, which is a bit after the literal ws connection is established. but should be functionally the same for most things you’d care about)

how are you trying to use it now?

Currently, I have a number of scripts that handle multiple game connections, usually to passively collect data. One issue I have had in the past is when I attempt to connect to a space and its mid 1006, or something else causes the connection to fail (user role issue, guestlist, etc.). game.connected was a quick and easy attribute to check as a guard clause before launching into a db connection, etc.

I have also used it to detect timeout issues, where I put the space on watch if game.connected was false for an extended number of loops.

I am not opposed to swapping around to a new pattern. More just evaluating the goals of the different fields.

ok cool then yeah game.engine._connected will serve those purposes just as well

sorry about the surprise removal!