How to stand behind the wall?

As title like this image.
gather question2

gather question2_2

This is what i happend
gather question3

And how to stand behind object?

I think this is such a stupid question, but still can’t find the answer.
Thank for help :slight_smile:

There is a background image and a foreground image. Your avatar walks in between them. You need to have the graphic of the wall (or whatever you want) in the foreground.


Thank you @KiliZ
I know about foreground.
But foreground is a big image, isn’t it?
It is unable to moved or set like object. :frowning:

If I want to put a tree that player can stand behind it, I need to know where I put in gather town and find the pixel position in the image then draw it. Is this only way?

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Correct. Though I would highly recommend avoiding trying to use the default Mapmaker, and just learn how to implement it in Tiled.