Setting the 'z' value of a map object


Is it possible to create an object that has a ‘z’ value that is greater than player? i.e. so that the players appear under/below the object.


Currently, this is more of a mapmaking question as objects don’t have z values in any publicly-available build.

Instead, if you want objects to appear infront of users, they need to be baked into the foreground map image file.

You can see gif of where the foreground and background files are here:

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Thanks Jommi for the quick response.

What I was after was something more dynamic, i.e. creating objects on-the-fly and that was specific to an object.

Maybe this is more what you mean?

Yes, that would meet my needs

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Awesome, make sure you upvote and add a comment there. Canny scores are helpful for us to conduct prioritization of features.

I have upvoted the feature request, but on reflection I can see that this feature, although meeting my immediate requirement, will quickly become insufficient for future needs.

I’m specifically thinking about independent objects that you may want to control which appears in font/behind the other. I think this is particularly relevant if the spaces you are building have more perspective.

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