New Gather Text and Fonts Unavailable via API

Hi Everyone!

Have you seen the new text/font features in the mapmaker? They are excellent because the text looks to actually be vectorized, so zooming in and out doesn’t skew the text like our text images normally do. Upon digging into the object properties of the new text feature, the “text” object property looks pretty simple and useable. However, when trying to use setObject via the websocket API to create objects with the text property, it doesn’t seemed allowed in the current version.

Has anyone else seen this or found a workaround? @Bill_Uncork-It Is there a new version of the game engine planned for release that would allow us to leverage the “text” object property?

Would love to get your insights on this @npfoss :smiley:

Thanks everyone!

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@ants could you chime in here? Any reason to expect we’d add this to the ws api soon?
(It might still be considered experimental enough that it hasn’t been integrated everywhere internally yet)

Hey, sorry for the delay, we don’t have plans to release this in the websocket API yet but I’ve added it to our backlog.

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Hi @ants,

No worries! Thanks for letting me know!

Are there any other updates planned for the websocket API coming up? I know that there have been a lot of improvements made to remote offices, and it would be amazing to see some of those improvements accessible via the API.

Thanks again!

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