Hidden space, discovered by users as they walk around (for eg. holding a flashlight)

Hi all - I have an idea but not sure if it’s possible to implement on gather town

so I want my virtual Gather Town to be hidden in darkness (as if the lights are out). This is achievable by designing my space as a low-lit map. Howeever I also want that only those areas where the user is walking to get illuminated (as if they’re holding a flashlight). Kind of like in old school games like Age of Empires where the map gets revealed only when you walk around

Might this be possible?

Short answer, no, this is not really possible.

Longer answer: it can be done, but not in enough of a performant way to matter. You would need to access the player position, modify an image based on that player’s position, upload that image to wherever the space can access it, or upload it and change the foreground image path. All of this would have to happen basically every player step, which quickly causes some major issues. Not to mention the impact it would have with multiple players.

There is also no way to render different states of the game to different users. So everyone would see everyone else’s sight zones.

Previous attempts to make some sort of Fog of War or something faced this issue and just bogged down the whole space.