GT-Helper v1.4.0

I’ve just released the newest GT-Helper, with a lot of handy QoL to try and improve some design patterns.

To try it out, run npx gt-helper init in your (preferably empty) project folder, and check out the features!

Some things that changed:

  • A new chat command data structuring pattern, to avoid having to juggle multiple code/variable locations.
  • Examples of these chat commands, as well as a default helper command to enable user inquest from within Gather (they can find out what commands are active without asking a human)
  • Rest API integration, with typing on the inputs to help with utilization.
  • Removal of the userState commands, as they are unneeded.


  • Ill be looking into some light database integrations, to help with persistent data management.
  • Ill be trying to improve the CLI experience, maybe with options and a loading state

Feel free to drop me a DM with any suggestions or questions!

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Just created a repo with an example extension built with GT-Helper:

Adds a chat command that gives users a custom go-kart, and performs clean up on empty carts to keep the space from getting cluttered.