Gt-helper : Project Builder tool for Gather Websocket extensions

Inspired by some of the issues that were voiced both on the Discord and during various Office Hours, I have put together a very early version of a builder tool for websocket development, mostly aimed at subscription based extensions. This aims to work similar to create-react-app and other “project starter” tools.

Package name: gt-helper
Currently supports Typescript, working on Javascript version soon.

To get started (assuming NPM and TSC use):
npm install gt-helper -g, : Installs the package.
gt-helper init, : Loads files and folder structure, including a readme.txt doc.
npm install, : Installs base packages from npm, including @gathertown/gather-game-client.
npm run watch : Starts TSC real-time compile.

Salient Files:
config/config.ts : API keys and space URLs (full URLs)
functions/subscriptions.ts: File to modify to add subscription based code.
functions/other.ts: File to modify for non-subscription based code.

There are more details and options I will add to the documentation as I can, but the goal of this package is to provide a decent starting point, both in terms of code and organization, for those interested in putting together their own Websocket Extensions.

Feel free to DM me with any suggestions, bugs, comments, etc.


This is awesome!! I will share it with the team. This is a big deal for getting people started for sure.

I didn’t realize there was an internal referral process, which has been established since my last referral, caused a bit of a delay getting your resume sent around. I have submitted your resume & a recommendation from me, so I hope you’ll be hearing from someone soon! It’s out of my hands now, good luck :slight_smile:



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