Custom Extensions within Gather

Is there, or will there be, a way to publish and install our own Extensions for our Gather spaces?

For reference, in MapMaker, under the menu in the upper left, there is an Extensions Settings options, which allows for different features to be activated. It would be amazing to be able to publish our own extensions to our own spaces, to selectively activate or disable within the settings menu.

I am imagining this would be similar to Chrome extensions.

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This is the intended plan yes. As you might imagine, there are still a bunch of things that need to be figured out so that it’ll be possible in a safe way.

However, I’ve understood that we’re looking to open it all up in a progressive fashion - really trying to make sure we can get ya’ll playing with this kind of stuff as soon as possible. We believe getting real feedback as early as possible is absolutely crucial!

@npfoss might have something to add here too!

yeah we’d love to make it easier to place objects in the MM first of all, but also eventually host extensions for people and even make them available in some 3rd party store or something

no promises at all on the timeline with that though – better MM tooling is likely first, but not for a while (it’s being rewritten), and the other two are not on the roadmap yet