Support for node 16

So I’ve been mostly using API 32 which seems to work best, a while ago I tried to update with the @latest tag but that didn’t work because no such tag was in the registry at that time, so I manually inputted a higher version in the dependencies section.

But then I was hit with a message that I can’t install the package because my node was 16 and it required 14, I think is not great that you have an older version that works with 16, and a newer version that requires 14.

Also, 16 is LTS for at least a couple of months if not even more than half a year…

Someone shared this URL: Game | @gathertown/gather-game-client which is nice but, I think due to the lack of documentation source is even better, is there any specific reason why the game client repo isn’t publicly accessible?


I assume you hit the NPM warning about the Node version? As far as I can tell, that is just npm letting you know that somethings might have been developed on Node 14.17.6, and might make assumptions that higher versions may not make.

I’ve been using the packages since they started throwing that warning, and there have been no issues on Node 16 or Node 17.

Also, and to each their own, but updating to the newest version of the game-client package will help avoid potholes in the code.

Also also, (sorry, morning brain) the packages that get downloaded are basically open access. The only things you cannot really get into are engine side, ie what the server does with some of the action calls. The rest of the websocket info can be found throughout the package files. Some of it even has useful comments! Was there something specific you were trying to explore?

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