Picking up objects - No Longer Works (playerSetsTrigger)

Hi All,

It looks like pressing “spacebar” is now bound to the microphone mute, which means all of our code/games that rely on playerSetsTrigger no longer work…

Has anyone found a workaround for this?

@npfoss Is this the intended behavior for “spacebar” now, or will there be a new key bind for playerSetsTrigger?


yeah sorry this is just a bad bug, should be fixed now :/.

Thanks for the quick response to this, but I am still unable to get events from playerTriggersItem. In the same program, I am able to get events from playerInteracts, so I am confident the connection, permissions, etc, are correct.

//Gets events on X near object
    ({ playerInteracts }, context) => {

//Does not get events on spacebar near object
    ({ playerTriggersItem }, context) => {

Is there a refresh I need to perform or timeline on the fix going live?

so sorry for the delay – I just confirmed that the game servers are indeed receiving and forwarding the events. it’s basically identical to the interact flow. are you still seeing issues?

I can confirm it’s working for me! Thanks for the quick fix on this @npfoss! Much appreciated! :smiley:

I am also seeing this as still working.