Password door - highlighted object property reverts to original url

I wanted to replace the images used on a password door so I replaced all the image urls (all 6 of them), unfortunately it would appear that the url in the highlighed property for the object get set back to the original url.

Also it appears that the openHighlighted property isn’t being used as it displayed the original ‘open door’ image even though this had been changed.

password door is still in beta. I really hope they make it possible to add own images for sure! I currently don’t know how to do it, the only thing I can offer is that you place the image you want in the foreground - that way it covers the door image and so it doesn’t matter about the door art.

@mel be sure you eliminate the values in the ‘templateId’ and ‘extensionClass’ fields for the door. They are read by the backend as special cases, and overwrite anything you change about the door object.

Edit: It occurs to me you might be using the backend to have the doors function as, well, doors. With the impassable tiles and whatnot. What I suggested will eliminate that function. But you can just build in your own.

@Bill_Uncork-It, you are exactly right, I was trying to use the door locking functionality, so had left those properties as-is. It looks like if I want to use my own images I’ll have to implement the door-locking feature myself - still the pop-up dialog is very useful.

Would using this example code help you get started?

@Jommi, thanks. Yes, that may well be useful.

The logic in the door-by-api example is fine, but I would avoid mashing together the RestAPI and the Websocket. They don’t conflict, technically, but it does make for much more clunky implementation.

@Bill_Uncork-It Thanks for the advice.