November Contest Submission: NTPFeast

Space Title:NTPFeast
Space Link:NTPFeast
Space One-Liner:Buying experience in Taiwan’s traditional market
What are users expected to do in the space? What is the objective?
We hope that users can experience the appearance of traditional Taiwanese streets and markets in wine. Therefore, through the depiction of real scenery, a complete market landscape system has been established.

Now on the main map, you can watch the street view. After entering the market, we will have formal vendors stationed there. During the daytime, vendors can interact with each other and formal transaction procedures.

The information of the booth is also exposed on the page using various possibilities for users to watch online.
Space Creator Name(s):ArumWu
Space Creator Twitter Profile(s):arum

A really distinctive experience, reminded me of my time in Taiwan :slight_smile:

Maybe slightly off the intention of the contest, but I imagine the space would have been even cooler if I had experienced it during the event!