November Contest Submission: Dawn Ranch

Space Title: Dawn Ranch
Space Link: Dawn Ranch

Space One-Liner: Discover the city of Down Ranch and find the password for the bitCrazy computer.

Space Creator Name: bitCrazy games

Facebook: Redirecting...
Instagram: Login • Instagram

Unfortunately even though the map design was good, none of us could get the space to work :frowning:

Was this comment your best?
I thought the evaluation had criteria. :pinching_hand:

Final Awards Criteria

After the playtest, spaces will be scored on four different criteria:

  • Art & Mapmaking Quality (25%) - Scoring based on quality of art and Map design.
  • Experience Quality (25%) - Scoring based on gameplay and mechanics of the Experience.
  • New User Experience (25%) - Scoring based on how easy it is for a new user to understand and enjoy the Experience Space.
  • Space Popularity (25%) - Scoring based on how many users visit and stay in the Space.

Thank you very much anyway. :pray:

Yes. That is the criteria used by our panel to judge the spaces, except the popularity which we informed would not be used in this contest. But none of us could get your space to work.

Let’s chat in DM to see if we can get it working and we can re-evaluate?

I want to make this right on you.