Map ID cannot be get correctly

Hello Everyone,

My colleagues and I try to use the API to track user actions. We use mod-basic-player-listener as the base to track which map the user is currently moving, and we found a problem, not sure if it is a bug.

Some maps can correctly get the map ID as we set in the mapmaker, but some cannot. We use this parameter to get the map ID, and the log is shown in the picture.


How should we get the correct map ID? or may be somewhere we should set?
Thanks a lot! :slightly_smiling_face:

sorry about this! Didn’t mean to make it hard to find map ids :person_facepalming:

We’ll try to think of a nice way to expose mapIds from mapmaker or something, but for now (and this is silly, sorry), you can get map ids by inspecting game.completeMaps in your browser console

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Thanks for your reply!

It is really helpful, and we will try it. :grinning:

update: on monday you’ll be able to get the ID from the mapmaker again! Like this:

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This is very very helpful to us, thanks a lot! :heart_eyes: