How to get "Bubble" infomation

When I double-click another player, our Bubble will open. I want to monitor when “Bubble” is triggered and get the infomation of Bubble in API, but I can’t find a function in event.d.ts. Is there any way to use it? Thanks!


Hi there! Thanks for reaching out :slight_smile:

When the Bubble feature was being developed, we called it whisper internally, so that’s what it’s called in the event code. It’s called playerEntersWhisper in the code.

I’ve made a ticket to update our docs to clarify this, it’s definitely confusing!


Thanks for your answer.

I have used playerEntersWhisper to monitor the Bubble behavior in the room, but when I run the code, I found that the terminal does not respond, no matter when I using “start bubble” in game or using “game.enterWhisper()” in code.

Examples are as follows:

I expected it to show the status or information about this event, but it did not.

And still have one more question, when I used “game.enterWhisper()”, there are 2 player will get close each others, but I want only one player get close to the otherone like just “follow” in game. How can I do that? thanks

Hi there! How about playerEntersWhisperV2? Sorry, I believe we deprecated the old playerEntersWhisper event, and I got confused.

Hi @opalrose & @JoyChen!

Just wondering where things are regarding the event ‘playerEntersWhisper’ or '‘playerEntersWhisperV2’. I try to listen when two players start a conversation together and I think/guess it’s the right event to track this.

Unfortunately, I got nothing triggered using ‘playerEntersWhisper’ and regarding V2, seems i doesnt exist anymore in the last version :

Any hints/ideas about how to achieve this ?

Many thanks!

Are you trying to see when the users actually start using the Bubble feature, or are you trying to see when users have the “In Conversation” flag? In my experience, very few users actually know about the Bubble feature unless they accidentally activate it.

On realzing this is a thread, not a new post, here are some additional things:

  • Make sure you are using the most current Websocket version (v36.0.0.3)
  • Are you using subscribeToEvent("playerEntersWhisperV2",...
  • Do you have full permissions in the space (just as a double check nothing got placed behind the mod wall)
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Hi @Bill_Uncork-It ,

hanks for your help. Reading your message, I guess I might misunderstand the Bubble feature indeed.

My use case is being able to see when two users enter in discussion, ideally knowing who are the participants in this discussion. Not sure I can determine that only tracking ‘in conversaton’ flag.

Regarding your last questions, yes for all them. I’m currently tesng it through a simple function :

game.subscribeToEvent(“playerEntersWhisperV2”, (data) => {


But as I said, while in the game I’m starting a discussion between two users, nothing is triggered.

Just got ‘playerEntersWhisperV2’ to work! (completely my fault b/c of a typo)

However, as I see it now, I understand more what you said about Bubble. It is happening only when a user actively ‘create a bubble’ with another one.

Any idea how to track when two users come close together and actually start a conversation - outside of the ‘start bubble’ action?

This may be worth another thread, but to get you started:

game.subscribeToEvent("playerActivelySpeaks", (data, context) => {

   //Track who is speaking.


There is way more to this than just testing if they are speaking, though. Just didn’t want to bury it in the wrong thread.

Thanks @Bill_Uncork-It , I’ll move it to a dedicated thread