How can I embed a coda doc?

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At our design studio, we use Gather as our metaverse and Coda ( as our knowledge base/project management.

I’d love to integrate both tools a little more by having coda embedded into objects in our Gather space. Like, people could go to a board in gather, and see (and edit) our announcements coda doc.

The problem is coda docs don’t seem to embed well into other tools, at least not for my use-case. They have a embedding feature where I share my doc publicly and then I can embed my doc. But that only works if I share my doc publicly AND it doesn’t allow editing. I want my team to be able to access the docs they already are allowed to access inside gather.

I think the limitation is on Coda (and I posted the same problem on their forum as well), but I thought maybe someone here could have an idea to workaround it or maybe Gather could work together with Coda to offer this integration since I think this combo would be very powerful.

To embed a Coda document in
At first

  1. Open the document (which you want to embed) and find the Share button (to access the document sharing options). There is an “Embed” section or the ability to get a code to embed a document.
    Copy the embed code provided by Coda.

  2. Now with the received code, you can start embedding

Open in edit mode.
Add a new object or select an existing object (where you want to embed the Coda document)
Find the options for this object and look for the option to add your own HTML or embed the code.

Paste the embed code from Coda into the custom HTML or embed code section for the object.
Save or apply changes to see the embedded Coda document in

here’s another tip that might be helpful Embed with editing permissions would allow for a great integration with Gather “metaverse”

Yes, I did that. The problem is that the coda doc embedded in gather doesn’t allow editing. It seems the problem is with coda. But I thought maybe posting here people could suggest a workaround.

(The link you gave was posted by me in coda forums :grin:. They gave me some ideas over there, but didn’t work. )

Thank you for your reply!