Gather Community Intro - MJ`s Believers

Hello everybody,

I`m Boagie and let me present to you my community, which for sure will sound weird. It kind of is :slight_smile:

Community Name: “MJ`s Believers”. We are a community that thinks that Michael Jackson faked his death in 2009. We research daily about possible clues, that he, his friends, relatives and colleagues might have given us during the years.

Community URL: Login • Instagram

How does one join your Community?: For now, we have mainly communicated through Instagram and Twitter chat. Everybody, who believes that MJ might have faked his death or is simply interested in what we do, can follow me on Instagram and share his interest, thoughts or critics (in a polite manner). We are people from all around the world and don`t exclude anybody.

How are you using Gather for your Community?: We will co-work, invite famous to the community people for interviews & entertainment and socialize.

Nice to meet you all!