Detecting or starting a "Follow"

For a number of applications, being able to detect if someone is following, or to initiate a follow via a game.follow command is interesting. Not sure if anything headed in that direction is available. I could try and generate my own follow command, but that feels a little like reinventing the wheel if I didn’t check here first.

Also, for secure, secret, or gamified spaces, being able to check for a playerFollows event could also allow for anti-cheating but “unfollowing” on trigger.

unfortunately Follow is just implemented on the FE, it’s not a game mechanic available via API, sorry!

Thanks for the info!

I may try and follow up on this (pun. sorry, not sorry) at another time to hopefully find either a work around for the anti-cheating, or a simpler way to interact with that feature of the FE.

ok, let us know if cheating becomes a huge problem you can’t get around, because we can build levers to make it easier