Create new event not working


Estou com problema ao tentar criar uma agenda de reunião. Aparece a seguinte mensagem:

Unable to generate URL. Try Again Later

podem me ajudar?

I’m having trouble trying to create a meeting agenda. The following message appears:

Unable to generate URL. Try Again Later

can you help me?

Quick questions:

  • Are you making the meeting through the calendar tab?
  • Do you have a connected Google calendar?
  • Are you using the Gather Meetings Chrome Extension?

My guess is that something about the permissions on either the Chrome extension or the calendar that is linked in is incorrect. I know there are a couple of check boxes that have to be checked, but I don’t want to drop down that rabbit hole without more info.

I will try to disconnect everything and connect again

sorry about that! this should be fixed now (show a better error message)